This website, a work-in-progress opened on July 20, 2018, is intended to help connect readers with great books authored by indie writers.

The books featured on this site are ones that either I have read, or one of my two kids have read (daughter, 14, and son, 11). They are also exclusively works of indie writers. The reason for this limitation is that we feel that it is much more difficult for indie writers of fantasy books for kids to reach readers than it is for traditionally-published writers.

If you see a book listed here, the sole reason for that is that a member of my family enjoyed it. We will never post negative reviews. We also don’t conduct any technical analysis of how a book should be written (i.e., the various “rules.”) If we enjoy a book, we’ll recommend it. If we don’t, we will simply refrain from posting anything and just move on with our reading (and lives). That said, if one of us loves a book but sees any problems with it, I might reach out to the author with some friendly comment with the hope that perhaps the author might fix the issues so that we can make a good recommendation and include the book on this site.

Also, we realize that enjoyment of a book is very subjective. Thus, you might not enjoy what we do and vice versa. However, you won’t know if our tastes match yours until you start trying out some of our recommended books.

To see our list of recommended books, select either the “Featured Fantasy Books” or “Featured Fantasy Series” tab in the menu above. At this update, the list is short, but we intend to grow the list as quickly as we reasonably can. So, please check back from time to time.

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