This website was created and is managed by indie writer, B.S. Gibbs, author of The Emaleen Andarsan Series, a middle-grade fantasy series, and other middle grade works. The purpose of this site is to call attention to great, enjoyable, indie-written kids’ fantasy books. For those who aren’t familiar with indie writers, they are writers who have chosen to independently publish their own work instead of working with a traditional publisher. Each indie writer has his or her own reason for working independently. However, for some the reason is the freedom of being able to write what they want without being told that something won’t sell. Some don’t want to spend the time it takes, sometimes years, to find and agent and publisher, all the while sitting on a story that might be ripe for the market now and possibly stale latter.

From B.S. Gibbs –

In the course of my work as an indie writer, I’ve had the opportunity to discover some amazing indie stories. Some of these books have been successful in being discovered by readers while other well deserving authors and their books have not been so fortunate.

It’s difficult for indie authors, particularly those who write for kids, to gain the attention of readers. Additionally, indie authors have to wear multiple hats and in some cases, some very talented writers do not have marketing/promotion skills that rise to the level of their writing abilities. There are also some shy writers out there who are afraid to toot their own horns. However, it’s my hope that this page will help bypass those problems (and others) and connect some great indie stories with more readers.

The beauty of indie writing is that it is done by individuals, with a love and a passion for writing, who write their stories as they wish without the traditional publishing world controlling what gets published. That said, the intent behind this page is not to criticize traditional publishing. It’s to expand the diversity of ideas that readers are exposed to by introducing readers to indie works. It might also inspire kids to some day become authors.

In the end, I simply hope readers will love the books that I post here as much as I and/or my children enjoyed reading them and that I can help some fellow indie authors along the way.

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