The host of this website, B. S. Gibbs, is an indie author of kids’ fantasy books.  She is also an attorney, a wife, and mother to a fourteen-year-old daughter and eleven-year-old son.

With respect to her reading, B.S. Gibbs is fan of Jane Austen and loves stories that are positive, inspiring, and encourage women to pursue their dreams. Light fantasy is her favorite genre to write in. However, her inspiration for fantasy derives from the work of David Eddings.

B.S Gibbs is also a fan of all things King Arthur and medieval. So, don’t be surprised if someday she releases books with a medieval theme to them. She especially appreciates the values of a knight, most particularly, that of the duty of honor.

The following are the kids’ fantasy books by B.S. Gibbs:

The Emaleen Andarsan Series:

A three book fantasy series, soon to be four, features Emaleen (Andarsan) Barsan, a girl adopted by her aunt, who has unique and unusual abilities–magical abilities that can be a significant a danger to her life as well as an incredible and astonishing gift. In this series, Emaleen must embrace these gifts and strive to lead her kind to join her in a fight against the evil that stalks her. Unfortunately, her society is dystopian-like one in which the people of her kind prefer their independence over following anyone!

Hunted: A Werewolf Mystery

Hunted: A Werewolf Mystery

Hunted, a tale of werewolves in a modern-day town, combines mystery and suspense with elements of magic realism.

The sounds of howling at night have werewolf-obsessed Jason Porter on edge. Worse still, he’s convinced that his teenage sister, Bianca, is a werewolf. The evidence — her late-night lifestyle, grumpiness, messiness, and other characteristics — points to no other conclusion. Unfortunately, no one believes him, including his mother.

As he tries to prove the seemingly impossible — the existence of werewolves — Jason’s imagination and bravery inspire acts of mischief and land him in precarious situations! Find out the lengths to which Jason will go as he tries to prove his sister is a werewolf and as he risks his own safety.

Janetta and the Book Thief

Janetta & the Book Thief

What would you do if someone destroyed all the world’s novels?

Janetta loves to read more than anything else. However, one day, the last chapters of all her books disappeared, ruining them. Worse still, she discovered that the disaster was not limited to just her books. It has happened to fiction novels everywhere. Next to go will be the writing of new books. If the destruction continues, fiction novels will soon become a thing of the past.

All hope is not lost, however. A book fairy invites Janetta to fairyland for a special mission. It’s up to Janetta to solve the mystery and restore the books she loves! Will she succeed or will books be destroyed forever?

This chapter book for kids is illustrated with a dozen intricate, beautiful drawings. It contains positive themes about the love of reading, kindness, inclusiveness, and anti-bullying.