Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select the books that you feature?

Featured books are those read by either me or one of my two children. We will only post links to indie books that one of us enjoyed reading.

Can authors submit books for consideration?

Yes, indie authors who wish to have their books considered for a featured listed can contact us to find out if we may be interested in reviewing. Please email the title, a short description and a link where the book can be purchased. If we are interested, we will email back and ask for a courtesy copy. Please do not email us books unsolicited. Also, keep in mind that we will only review books as we have time. And, if we read your book and choose not to post it, the message to you is that it just wasn’t for us. We will never post a negative review as the purpose of this site is to feature books that we have enjoyed. We also may not have time to answer questions from authors as to why a book was not selected; nor do we want to hurt feelings or get into any disputes. So please respect whatever decision we make as to featuring or not featuring a book.

Does this website make any revenue from recommending these books?

No income is presently earned from this website. Authors whose books are chosen do not pay any fees to be listed on this website. Additionally, B.S. Gibbs, the author running this site does not have any affiliate links set up at this time, although that may be added in the future. If this website should be monetized in the future, that fact will be disclosed.

Does the author running this website have any special relationship with any authors whose works are posted here?

No, B.S. Gibbs does not have any business relationship with any of the authors whose works have been posted here. However, B.S. Gibbs may become “friends” or a “follower” on social media at times and may converse with other authors.

More Q&A to come soon!